Our Story

The Begining

Harnic, a home, kitchen and beauty appliance brand that have been established in the 1900s. The brand Harnic was first started from the founding brand, Heles. In the year 2000, our management decide to open a new product line, which will have strict and high quality standard, that is how we decided to use a new brand name, Harnic.

Harnic have a wide range of product range, which includes, Doorbells, Kettles, Body Scale, Kitchen Scale, aerosol, sandwich maker and toaster. For many years we have introduce not only high quality product but also innovative. These are some innovative products that we have introduced to the Indonesian market.



Harnic introduce a jug kettle with high quality stainless steel base.


Harnic introduce a changeable multiply head hair straightener.


Harnic introduce the smart learning doorbell system. This is a technology that allow a normal doorbell unit to attach up to 7 extra doorbell units or remotes. This will make the product to have more than 49 combinations system.


Harnic introduce the cordless hair straightener.


Harnic introduce the first batik design hair straightener.


Harnic introduce the 4 plates changeable sandwich maker.


Harnic introduce the first kinetic doorbell remote. This is a doorbell product that will not required to use any batteries, hence making this product cost efficient for users and environmentally friendly.

The Future

For the future outlook, Harnic will continue to invest a large portion of our resources to research and development programs so that we can produce not only innovative product but also a high quality standard product to serve our customers.


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Harnic Showroom
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